Personalized makes it better ~ CafePress {and Giveaway}


I love when I can add my own personalized images, pictures, wording or whatever else to items.  It feels special to have a picture of your daughter in her cheer uniform on the bag you carry to her games or a water bottle with your favorite inspirational quote to keep you going at the gym! […]

Reyes Magos with Net10 Wireless #Net10Latino

Three Kings Day

Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day) is supposed to be a celebration.  This year, our house was sick.  From Christmas up until…uumm…yesterday there was a plague over our house.  Luckily, when the kids were upstairs in their bedrooms and needed something, they could text me to ask. I told them over and over, do […]

Save on your phone bill with family plans #Net10Latino


With two tweens and one well on his way, our cell phone bills can get a little out of control.  Luckily we’ve only gotten our oldest a phone, and we went with Net10 Wireless.  He wants to text 24/7 and I could’t imagine how much the data usage would be with him always playing games […]

Room for junk in the trunk ~ the TRUE test #LAASGM #LAAS

photo 3 (14)

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to check out the LA Auto Show.  You will see my full write up over at Sassy Mama in LA, stay tuned! The first day I was there, we were taken to see some of the 2014 vehicles, including the Spark EV, Sonic and (my favorite) the Impala! […]

Getting our Salsa on with the Xbox 360 with Kinect #MiCultura


I’m a Zumba LEGEND!!!! Music is a huge part of the Latin culture.  I can’t hear music without moving my hips….it’s just in my blood.  Don’t believe me?  Get a group of Latinos together and turn on some music, everyone will be dancing.  When I picked up the Xbox 360 with Kinect at Best Buy […]

Mi Best Buy……Mi Cultura


When you think about Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) you may not think of how Best Buy helps you to celebrate.  I really wasn’t sure about it myself.  I mean, it’s an electronics store.  What can an electronics store possibly do to help me celebrate my Hispanic Heritage?  Well, I visited my […]

Earn real cash by playing games online


I have always loved playing games online.  I can lose track of time so easily when I get caught up with a farm, cafe, slots, bingo, you name it.  I love games but really, I when I thought about it, they never had any type of  reward for playing them.  I mean, you get the entertainment […]