VTech Innotab 2S


My kids always want their hands on my iPhone and tablet.  Seriously, they play on my tablet more than I do.  There are a lot of games on there they like, but they aren’t as educational as I’d like them to be.  They were on my tablet so much, they broke it.  Yep, it wouldn’t […]

Talking Ben by Cuddle Barn


My 6 year old is obsessed with playing on the iPod or my phone and using the games that repeat back what you say in a funny voice, you know, Talking Tom and Talking Ben.  Well, I recently found out there are stuffed animals that do the same thing!  It’s like a real version of […]

Chuggington Koko’s Safari Set Wooden Railway


Chuggington has been a favorite in our house for several years.  Trains in general are so much fun and kids love them!  The Chuggington Koko Safari Wooden Railway Train Set is perfect for the little train lover in your life. I seriously love that this set is wood.  Wooden tracks are so much fun and […]

I See Me….personalized gifts for your little one


My son loves to read, but it’s hard to find books he is truly interested in.  He likes lots of pictures and a fun story.  I found the perfect Christmas gift for him….a personalized book from I See Me!  These books are personalized with your child’s name and a little other information. I went with […]

Bunzi ~ perfect first bike for your little one!


I’m happy that my kids are older and able to walk/balance on their own now….but I remember how hard it was they were just learning.  Bikes are either tricycle or big and there hasn’t been much in between…..until now! Bunzi is a new bike that is coming to the United States!  It is so awesome! […]

OrganWise Guys


Kids are curious and want to know things.  When it comes to their bodies, kids are very curious when they start to learn how things work and why their body reacts the way it does.  The OrganWise Guys were created in 1992 to teach children about taking care of themselves and help to teach them […]

VTech Switch & Go Dinos


When you are thinking about quality toys for your kids, what names come to mind?!  I always think about VTech.  My kids love the toys and they are always innovative and fun.  They are back at it with some amazing toys for the boys (and maybe even the girls) in your life.  The VTech Switch […]